Conservation and illustration

Conservation and illustration

Barbara W. Fash (2016)

Dr. Barbara Fash

Barbara Fash, artist and museum curator, is Director of the Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions program at the Peabody Museum, Harvard University, and Co-director of the Santander Program for Research and Conservation of Maya Sculpture. Her book publications include Precolumbian Water Management: Ideology, Ritual, and Power, with Lisa Lucero (2006) and The Copan Sculpture Museum: Ancient Maya Artistry in Stucco and Stone (2011). In 2008 she was awarded the Hoja de Laurel de Oro in Honduras, and later in 2015, she was given the Orden del Pop in Guatemala in recognition of over thirty of service in preserving and documenting the cultural heritage of Copan, Honduras.

Pedro Cahuantzi Hernández (2016)

Pedro Cahuantzi Hernández

Pedro is an illustrator who specializes in Mexican archaeology. He has worked for the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) for 28 years on different archaeological projects in several parts of the country. He has been involved in several projects in the Tlaxcala area, including Cacaxtla, Xochitecatl, Ocotelulco, and Tepeticpac. He has also worked on projects in Chichén-Itzá at Yucatán and Cholula at Puebla. He recently participated in several different projects at Teotihuacan, including the Plaza of the Columns Complex Project.

Pedro has done illustrations for scientific publications for various institution, including the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), INAH, and Oxford University. He has also worked on restoration projects of sacred art from Tlaxcala, Michoacán, and Puebla for the National Coordination of Conservation, Restoration and Museology (CNCRM). In addition, he is a specialist in the restoration of pre-Hispanic ceramics and has worked for the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP). Most recently, he has collaborated in the establishment of the Ceramoteca of INAH at Puebla.

Among his most important works are the mural reproductions of Cacaxtla in Tlaxcala and several facsimiles of colonial documents prepared for the Department of History of INAH, Puebla.

 Albano David Sánchez Palacios (2016)

Albano Sánchez

Albano is a visual artist and musician. He studied at “La Esmeralda,” National School of Painting, Sculpture, and Engraving of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico (INBA) and at the National School of Painting of the National Institute of Culture in Panama. He has worked in fields related to painting such as scenography and conservation, as well as in restoration of movable cultural heritage.

He has worked at the National Center for Conservation and Registration of Artistic Heritage and also performed restorations for the following projects: Murales de la Casa del Estudiante by Francisco Montoya de la Cruz; Licenciado No Te Apures by David Alfaro Siqueiros; and Los Danzantes, curtain by Carlos Mérida for the Manacar cinema. Other projects in which he has participated include the restoration of altarpieces at the San José Poliutla church in Guerrero and the restoration of the dome of the Cathedral of Morelia in Michoacán. At the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, he has collaborated on the Mural Painting Restoration Project as well as at the archaeological archives. In 2016 he oversaw the conservation and restoration of mural painting fragments from the multiple fronts of the Plaza of the Columns Complex Project.

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