2018 Field Season

2018 Field Season

A Great Experience!

What a successful experience this summer has been with the closing of the 2018 field season of the Project Plaza of the Columns Complex. Beginning July 2nd, a small army came together to accomplish quite a bit: six archaeologists carried out excavations in five key areas of interest, another archaeologist resumed his extensive survey of the Teotihuacan Valley, and two international students along with 23 fieldworkers and 13 lab personnel have supported the team during these important activities. In addition, several research specialists have already arrived with more to come to study the plethora of collected archaeological materials and samples that will reveal even more interesting information about the past of this region.

Our goal is to increase and diffuse knowledge, and we only hope to continue sharing our experiences and valuable work with you after each season.


We are just about to close excavations, and all the project team members look forward to contributing more personalized experiences soon!



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